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 02-21-2010 22:49 GMT - #39490    IP:

I'm not totally sure this is the correct forum for the question, but it seemed most appropriate.

Quite a few years ago I saw a video of Mark of the Wolves wherein someone executed some pretty ridiculous combos to the accompaniment of a few songs by Luca Turilli (I now have most of his music). I think it was "War of the Universe", "Zaephyr Skies Theme", and "Prince of the Starlight".

I've looked all over youtube and can't find it. >.< I'm beginning to think I watched it before YouTube ever was and only had it in an mpg or something. Searching here also seemed to turn up nothing, but that could be my unfamiliarity with the website. If someone could point me in the right direction that'd be awesome, thanks.



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