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A placid wind flew through the grass of the open field, blowing the grass into the morning air. Once before, this had been a place where two warriors fought, each testing their skill to see just how adroit the opposition would be. No winner was found in that altercation, nor was one desired. They had left from the field in opposing directions, each seeming satisfied with the outcome.

Now, some time later, the two stood before each other in that same area. Earlier on, the noble Saiya-jin had asked the street fighter for a favor, for a chance to find out about a hidden possibility.

“Well now,” the Saiya-jin spoke, stretching in place, “I think that we’re finally ready. You ready to give it a try Ryu?”

Tightening his headband, Ryu replied to the one before him.

“I believe so. It does seem a little outlandish, I do admit but, if it really will unlock new abilities, then I will cooperate with you.”

“Trust me; this’ll be a new discovery for the both of us.”

For the past few days, Goku had been teaching Ryu a technique that he had learned some time ago. He was curious to find out if his assumptions were correct, as his confidence rose upon seeing how quickly Ryu was able to master the positions and pose.

“Okay, let’s try it completely this time,” Goku remarked, standing fully.

“Alright,” Ryu said, walking over to the position where Goku had told him to stand earlier.

Goku walked in the opposite direction, stopping when he was at the correct distance from Ryu. He called briefly to Ryu as he held out his arms to his left, making sure that his palms were flat.


Placing his arms out to his right, palms flat, Ryu gave his response.


The began to move close to each other, each one taking measured steps sideways as they looked forward. As they did this, they moved their hands over their heads, bringing them to opposing sides of their bodies.


With three measured steps, they were now relatively close to each other, their hands and arms pointing to the other person’s. Then, in a sudden move, each swung their arms in their initial opposing directions, the two standing straight as their outer legs bent up, their opposing knees now facing each other, their hands now balled into fists.


Finally, placing their bent legs back on the ground, they bent their inner knees toward each other, leaning in as they moved their arms back over their head. Fingers extended, they came into contact with each other, their outer index fingers touching above their heads as the inner indexes touch between them.


As the two came together in this way, a blinding flash of light encircled them both, the separate beings melding into one. The actual process into which they fused was not seen but, when the light began to fade, the appearance of a new warrior stood in their place. The man wore an outfit befitting those that taught Goku the fusion: an open vest, short in size covering the upper chest, with puffy orange trimming along the tops of the shoulders and around the sides and back of the neck; the pants are a baggy white Gi that has a dark blue belt with them, excess cloth hanging from it, all accompanied by black boots.

“Incredible,” the being spoke, a combination of their two voices mixing together, “the fusion really did work; we have now become…”

Ryu (Street Fighter) + Goku (Dragon Ball Z) = Gryko (fighter with increased power, the ability to transform into a Super Saiya-jin, and can perform a devastating move called the KamehameHadoken)

“Unbelievable,” Gryko said aloud, still in awe of what had just took place, “well now, I guess I’ll go and use what time is left to see exactly what new abilities we have acquired.”

And, in that instant, the being rose into the air and flew off into the distance.

A placid wind flew through the grass of the open field. Once again, the events that took place were known to know one. Yet, with two such warriors, and even the one formed anew, one can only wait and see as to what shall happen next in their future exploits.


All that has ever been created was done so for a reason, even if that reason is just for it to be.

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