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 10-13-2006 01:28 GMT - #30788    IP:

I really liked the music that was used in NKI's KI videos, but when I tried to get the "list of songs used" from it can't find the file. Anybody happen to know the titles/artists?



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 10-13-2006 02:11 GMT - #30790    IP:

Volume I Intro - Intro, by Rancid
Volume I, Act I - Boss Fight (Donkey Kong Country), by Rare
Volume I, Act II - Prologue Stage (Mega Man X), by Capcom
Volume I, Act III - Rainbow Cruise (SSBM), by Nintendo
Volume I, Act IV - Ghosts 'n' Goblins, by The Minibosses
Volume I, Act V - Sigma Fortress stage #2 (Mega Man X), by Capcom
Volume I Intermission - Systemattic, by Trance Impulse
Volume I, Act VI - J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII), by Square
Volume I, Act VII - One Winged Angel (FFVII), by Square
Volume I, Act VIII - Heaven Scent, by John Digweed
Volume I, Act IX - Castelvania, by The Minibosses
Volume II - (None)
Volume III - Sabrewulf's Theme (Killer Instinct), by Rare
Volume IV - Ken theme (Super Turbo), by Capcom
Volume V - Out of This World prologue (SNES), by Interplay - Wizards and Warriors, by The Minibosses
Volume VI - Paranoia KCET Clean Mix (DDR 2nd Mix), by Konami
Volume VII - Sunday Club - Healing Dream, by DJ Tiesto
Volume VIII - Ying Solid Gold Remix, by Nickelson
Leftovers (Volume 5.5) - DarkMadnessResurrection (Castlevania 2), by goat
Tutorial 001 - Punchout, by The Minibosses
Killer Instinct Compendium:

Part 1 - "Intro Theme" (Killer Instinct), by Rare - "Cinder's Theme" (Killer Instinct), by Rare - "The Decisive Battle V2.01", by Saitama Saisyuu Heiki - - "Dream Chaser", from F-ZERO X Guitar Arrange Edition - "17th Century Chicken Pickin'", by Impellitteri

Part 2 - "Intro Theme" (Killer Instinct), by Rare - "Darker", by Paul Oakenfold - "Character Select Theme" (Killer Instinct), by Rare


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