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  *IMPORTANT* announcements are voiced here. Among them, our point system and helpful links so you'll almost never have problems watching a movie again! - Upload a video...
valerianax 09-29 07:43
564 days
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CV PLUS Members Forum


  CV PLUS Members Private Lounge
General Discussion

General Discussion/Gaming News/Randomania

  Talk about anything you want in here. Just be sure to wipe your feet on the way in.
Watch Heaven Is For Real Onli...
mndipkaur12 04-16 07:02
1 hour 43 minutes
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Let us know...

  Help improve! Any suggestions on features you'd like to see or ideas to make the site better? Having a problem with something such as downloading a file? Tell us here.
Watch Bad Grandpa Movie Onlin...
tanyaroberts 10-16 10:57
181 days
151 1167 Multimedia Center

Combo Videos Discussion

  Discuss combo videos that have just been released or that you plan to release in the future! Also you can discuss glitches or crazy combos you've seen in ANY fighting video!
her presence in this hour was...
karamkidhoop 11-21 14:21
145 days
602 5531

Combo Videos Hall of Fame

  Discuss the best combo videos ever made in here. Nominate combo videos that aren't yet in our collection.
Watch Latest Hollywood Movies...
chariebean 10-11 12:16
186 days
75 663

Match Video Hall of Fame

  Talk about the best matches of all time in here. Recently had a crazy good match and recorded it? Show us and tell in here!
Gale options up at nighttime
fududp045 11-24 09:03
142 days
34 363

Match Videos Discussion

  Have any footage from recent tournies or any type of casual play? Tell us about it here.
Acne is much more generally a...
grexy436 10-15 23:04
182 days
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  Discuss past, present, and future trailers in here. Video makers, post up links to your trailers in here for us to preview.
Watch Pacific Rim movie Onlin...
agyamai78 07-27 08:25
263 days
35 327

Tutorial Videos

  Want to learn about a particular game or even go pro? Comment about our existing video tutorials here, or submit/request info on new/classic tutorials, and talk with experienced gamers here.
Watch Carrie Movie Online Fre...
tanyaroberts 10-16 10:58
181 days
123 1248 Multimedia Studios

Arts & Crafts

  Post sketches, sprites, paintings, pictures of drawings you have created. Also help out fellow artists by providing tips and constructive critisism to their works.
Download 12 Years a Slave, Ca...
amante786 10-17 12:03
180 days
77 799


  Heard a cool song or want to find out a name of a song that was used in a video? Ask/tell here.
watch Free Birds movie Online...
graceyleena 11-08 09:59
158 days
322 1404

Video Editing Studio

  Recommend applications to use for video editing, tips, advice, links to tutorials and more...
Looking for an editor
TheKasinO 02-01 06:57
96 546
Fierce Gear

Fierce Gear Announcements

  Find out the latest news about Fierce Gear here

Fierce Gear Bug Reports

  If you think that you have found a bug in Fierce Gear, let us know here

Fierce Gear Questions

  Come in here if you have any questions about Fierce Gear

Fierce Gear Suggestions and Feedback

  Give your feedback on Fierce Gear, make suggestions for new features or improvements to existing features
Game Haven

Combo Center

  Want to learn some practical, stylish or downright crazy combos? Submit/Ask/Tell/Share HERE. Discuss the combo system and combo-related topics here as well. Feel free to make your own thread if a game isn't covered!
Iron Man Unfly combos
alexdenipaul 07-29 05:58
279 2032

FAQ/Game Guides/TEXT Tutorials

  Have a guide that you wrote up for ANY game? You can submit it here!
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel Thread
draculax 04-21 06:10
725 days
26 272

Fight Club

  Discuss STRATEGIES (not combos), Mixups, Techniques, Tips and Tricks here for any fighting game.
Watch Despicable Me 2 Movie O...
abhinav786 07-30 13:10
259 days
114 989

For Play - CV's Netplay Community

  CV's Community for those that play ANY games online (Kaillera,ZBattle, XBox Live, PC Netplay games ANYTHING). Connect with other CV users here and play some games online - doesn't have to be just fighters!
Watch Carrie Movie Online Fre...
tanyaroberts 10-16 10:59
181 days
63 559

Match Making

  Meet up with other CV members from your country, state, or town here! Want to get together with someone and play some games IN PERSON? Or talk about local gaming? Make a thread for your area and start match match making today!
Any Southern Players???
Kyoji24 05-28 07:37
128 641

Admin Area

  Place for discussion of higher level administration issues/ideas/feedback/storage/etc.

Combo Staff Area

  Place for staff members to chat about upcoming events/issues.
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